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Water pump runs (cycles) when the faucets are off.

Problem: The pump runs (cycles) when the faucets are off.

Possible Causes:

  1. There is a leak in the plumbing lines.
  2. A toilet is “running.”
  3. There are leaking fixtures.
  4. A leak exists in the water pump.
  5. The city water check valve is leaking.


  1. Check for a leak somewhere in the plumbing or in the pump itself.
  2. Check for loose inlet or outlet connections.
  3. Check the entire plumbing piping system, paying special attention to all connections and fittings. Repair any leaks found.
  4. Check all faucets for leaks. Tighten connections or replace washers as necessary.
  5. Check the toilet. Repair/replace toilet components as necessary.
  6. Check the water pump for leaks. Check all screws for tightness. Disassemble the pump and look for holes in the pump’s diaphragm. Check that pistons are assembled properly and the seal is tight.
  7. All leaks in the system that involve the fittings, piping, and fixtures will be evident by water in the area. The city water check valve will have water coming from the outside. A leaking water valve in the toilet will be evident by the toilet bowl filling to the overflow or by water leaking from the valve itself. If the seal in the toilet bowl does not seal, water in the bowl from the upper rim to the drain will be evident. Another cause of a pump cycling is the internal check valve in the water pump itself. If the check valve does not hold the system pressure and lets the water leak back into the water tank, thus dropping the pressure, the pump will cycle on and repressurize the system until the valve is repaired or replaced.


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