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Water Connections Explanation

Freshwater is to fill your onboard/freshwater tank

City Water is to utilize campground water to maintain pressure for your water system.

Those are basically mutually exclusive, you use one or the other.

Other “unlabeled” one is used to flush your black tank (which I will cover next), you leave the black tank valve open while having a hose hooked up to it to help internally spray the inside of your black tank, if you fail to leave black tank valve open while doing this, it could fill up and send poop and contents on black tank running off of your roof, have seen it done.

Black tank: it is a holding tank NOT a septic tank. It holds bodily waste from toilet and sometimes the bathroom sink depending on how it is plumbed.

Gray Tank holds normally stuff from the kitchen sink and shower.

Does that help?

Feel free to reach out if any of this is confusing.

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