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Dog Bone Adapters

You pull into the campground with a 30-amp RV and the campground only has 50-amp pedestal receptacles, now what? You need one of these, it is a 50-amp “dog-bone” adapter to go from the 50-amp receptacle to your 30-amp RV electrical plug:

If you have a 50Amp RV, you need a female 50A -> male 30A adapter for those times when you are at a 30A ONLY electrical pedestal. Keep in mind you cannot run your entire 50A RV on a 30A pedestal receptacle, see Chapter 9 for detailed explanation.


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

GFCI: These are those electrical sockets you see that have a reset button on them, usually near water sources, bathroom, kitchen, and outside electrical receptacles. You will want to test them on a regular basis, using the test button on them.

Non-Contact Voltage Tester (NCVT)

          What is a Non-Contact Voltage Tester (NCVT):  It is a device you can use to detect electricity without using a multi/voltmeter. Why would you want to do that? As you will see below during a Hot Skin Condition (in Chapter 15) you can check the outside of your RV for stray electricity without having to have to plug in probes from a voltmeter. It is an amazingly simple tool to use for newbies and fits perfectly for the audience of this book. You can find the one I use here:  NCVT: it is a Southwire model 40136N.