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Q: What is a NCVT and why do I need one?

A: A noncontact voltage tester detects electricity in a wire or outlet, just by getting near it. It is the size and shape of a fat Sharpie and the detection occurs at the probe tip, which, in many cases, is designed to be pushed into an outlet. Why do you need one? Electricity rates right up there with high blood pressure. HUH? It is a silent killer. Take for example, you pull up to the campground, back your new RV right into the spot all is good. You get ready to hookup your 50 amp/30 amp plug, you grab the metal electrical pedestal, 99%+ of the time, it is all good. But there is that rare instance where the plug might be wired badly and the metal electrical pedestal is electrified and you get shocked. Maybe it is just a small tingle you feel when touching it or maybe you get a serious shock and it knocks you to the ground. Get yourself a NCVT and touch it to the shore power pedestal BEFORE you touch it with your hand and make sure it does NOT beep. Want to know more? My contact info is Joe Testa, text/call 740-206-5822 or email info@RVingForNewbies.com