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Sometimes it is the easy thing, check those first when it comes to Electricity.

RV owner, contacts me about: couldn’t get fridge to come on 120VAC, buttons wouldn’t even light,  plug it into the tow vehicle and poof all good, fridge comes on.  (but wait there’s more to the story)

120VAC was fine but nada when trying to turn fridge on, checked, yep no 12VDC to circuit board, then I find out nothing 12V DC works.

Went back to battery, yep checked it, 12.9VDC, oh wait, black wire on negative, white wire on positive, dooh the wires are hooked up backwards(as there is a label on the RV on which goes where).

Let’s switch that back, look for some 40A fuses to possible be blown in the converter, nope nothing there, hook everything back up correctly and woohoo, 12V stuff like fridge, slides, etc all work.

The whole color wiring thing kinda drives me nuts:

120VAC, black is hot, white is neutral

12VDC, red is positive (+), black is negative(-) on the battery

See how black is used differently, and RV was wired to battery with white and black insulated wires for 12 VDC.

It is easy to get confused or distracted when hooking things up, Thankfully it just had a diode type setup that didn’t allow the electricity to flow, change up the connection, it reset and all is good, you might have two 40A fuses in your converter that might need replaced, in the event you do this.

Sometimes it is the simple things. 🙂