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RV Mama

Survival Guide for Life in the Rig

Jennifer Miller


My thoughts on the author

“Jenna is part wife, part mom, part RVer and quite a psychologist.”

“This gal Jenna is a hoot, seriously funny stuff with just enough seriousness thrown in to the book, to make it all great.”


EXCERPT:  Chapter 11: Romancing the Rig

Yep!  We’ve got to talk about keeping the love alive when you’re on the road. There are times, bless his heart, Mr Genius (buy the book to find out who he is), drives me insane.

When you go from a 3,600 square-foot house to a 278 square-foot trailer, toes are going to be stepped on. It is important for you and your significant other to care for each other…….


This book is a great read and hopefully the first in a series by up and coming RV Author Jennifer Miller.

It is worthwhile to have while camping and reading out loud the various chapters.

Run out to Amazon and buy this NOW: https://amzn.to/30VENgl

You can find Jenna on various places:

Website: www.rvmama.com

FB: www.facebook.com/groups/rvmamas