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Can I use the wifi at a campground to do work, stream movies, etc??

SO a few things to think about(I’m an IT geek by trade, besides inspecting RVs)

1. You probably don’t know the size of the data pipeline coming into the campground for use by everyone, is it the size of a straw or a fire hose, if it is a straw, no boosting is going to help the speed.

2. What is the signal strength you are receiving at your RV, is the signal strength meter high? If so, a booster won’t help as you are already getting a great signal, now if the signal is like 1 bar, a signal booster might help you get a better signal but if paragraph #1 above pipeline is a straw, it won’t help, it will make sure you got a signal but not help with speed through the pipeline into the campground.

3. Most campgrounds are straw size, barely able to surf web and/or read email much less stream or anything else.

Hopefully that helps.

I am in process of testing and producing video of using a wifi booster (next up will be a cell phone booster).

Here is the one I bought and use and am very happy with it(this is the newer version) :https://amzn.to/3B6oKxO