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So you’re a new RV owner, what do you need before your first trip out?

This blog post will be updated as new things come along and recommendation of others, mostly for RVing for Newbies Facebook group.  Not part of it, click here -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1209436072454996/



30 Amp RV: 30A female to 50A male dogbone adapter (if you end up at a campground with ONLY 50A outlets).

50 Amp RV: 50A female to 30A make dog bone adapter(if you end up at a campsite with ONLY 30A plugs, you as a 50A RV owner must keep in mind you will NOT BE ABLE TOP RUN EVERYTHING in your RV when hooked up to a 30A circuit.

Surge Protector

Electrical Management System(EMS)

NCVT(Non-Contact Voltage Tester)

Locking ball to keep two things tied together.

Simple Volt/Multi-meter

Heavy Duty Volt/Multi-meter

Fuses 12V DC


Food grade hose, multiple lengths

Water pressure regulator

Water with bleach water solution in it (to spray spigot at campsite).

Water Filter

90 degree water/hose adapter


Sewer/black/grey tanks

Black tank flush hose(if you have a black tank flush port)

Tank chemicals

Toilet paper

Sewer Hose for dumping

Disposable Gloves(you don’t want poop on your hands)



leveling blocks(if you don’t have a leveling system)

portable grill

Kitchen utensils


water(if you don’t want to drink the water from your RV)


plates(paper or otherwise)

cups(paper/styrofoam or otherwise)