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RV Inspections Data Sheet

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Info/Expectation Sheet for RV Inspection

This is the flow of how things will transpire upon contacting TECI-RV for a RV Inspection.

RV Mentor and Inspections (hereafter known as “RV INSPECTOR”)
Person requesting an RV inspection (hereafter known as “CLIENT”)

Client will contact RV Inspector either via email (info@rvmentor.com) or phone call 740-206-8522.

RV Inspector will schedule a time for a phone call (aka Initial Consultation) with client, so we can discuss availability and attempt to come up with a mutual date that satisfies the seller (or dealership) for RV Inspector to do the inspection as well as the Inspection Package that makes the most sense to Client and any add-on inspection options as well as mileage costs.

Client will provide the following information: RV Year, Make, Model, VIN and address of location of the RV to RV Inspector for agreement to be filled out.

Keep in mind the following: RV Inspector strives for a 100% inspection of all items, but this cannot be accomplished without the following minimum items available at location of the RV. Any of the following items not available below will be marked as NI (Not Inspected) on the report.

  • Electricity: At least 30-amp circuit, if only a 15-amp circuit is available, RV Inspector cannot check air conditioner(s) for functionality.
  • Propane: If at anytime, a propane leak is detected, no other testing of any appliance that uses the propane system will be conducted.
  • Water:
    • To fill freshwater tank and verify water pump is working correctly.
    • Verify city water connection is working correctly.
    • If unit is winterized, RV Inspector will NOT de-winterize or re-winterize an RV to verify water systems.
    • If at any time a water leak is found, rest of water systems check will be stopped, I will not risk water damage to the RV.
  • Sewage connection:
    • Check both grey and black water tanks hold water without leaking.
    • Check all valves in those tanks to ensure they operate correctly.

RV Inspector will make up an agreement for Client signature and send it electronically to Client email address via Digisigner.com

Client will sign the agreement and then RV Inspector will send an electronic invoice to Client via square.com for the agreed to amount.

Client will make payment to RV Inspector by date on invoice.

RV Inspector will perform inspection on agreed upon date/time.

RV Inspector will provide feedback on inspection on day of inspection for anything that is a life safety issue (propane leak, electrical problems/issues or anything else deemed important) to the Client after inspection is completed.

RV Inspector will provide final inspection report the next day after inspection unless other arrangements are agreed upon and put in the agreement.

If you desire to be on-site during the inspection, please make sure to bring that up during initial consultation phone call.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact RV Inspector at info at top.